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Hi, I’m Serendipity!

I love science, experimenting, making slime, and spending time with my friends.  I’m a pre-professional ballerina, I play piano, and I also love art!  I plan on going to college (hopefully Stanford) to study technology and make a future of my own design.  I’m a Girl Scout Cadette, a volunteer, and I’m currently a SciTrends Ambassador!

My name is Jacob.

I am currently a reporter for my school newspaper, The Pilot Flashes. I've been a comic book nerd since I was little and that's what got me to love science. I always liked trying to figure out the science behind the hero’s powers and pursuing the unrealistic dream of creating them for myself.  In my free time, I play guitar and make art. Graphic design is my career of choice. 

My name is Karianne.

I am currently a sophomore at Triton Jr./Sr. High School and I’m from Bourbon, Indiana. I have always leaned toward the science classes and the extracurricular science activities that are offered at my school. I believe that my love of and interest in science will not only translate over to my college education but also incorporate itself into my career. I am very passionate about biology, medical technology, and the human body and how it works; I also have a strong interest in business. Often times I don’t think students realize all the doors that science can open for us and the roles that not only scientists, but that we as students also play in the science world and community.

Hi, my name is London.

I’m really into photography and graphic designing. I also enjoy researching the newest tech available and finding out how that piece of tech works. Being part of the youth made me notice that STEM and science overall is evolving very quickly and us being the future leaders of this world, need to be up to date with everything happening around us. That's why I like SciTrends because it keeps us updated on everything STEM, while still being able to not rot our brains of boredom.

Hi! I’m Sasha.

I am from Indianapolis, Indiana and I love both science and math. In particular, I like being able to see the creativity and science behind new technologies, such as drones.  I also enjoy coming up with new inventions and seeing if they could actually work. I love being able to combine a bunch of the things I am fascinated with, such as combining science, math, art and entrepreneurship. Science has always been one of my favorite classes. I am teaching myself to code, so I enjoy coding parts of websites and messing with my mom’s computer. I want to share my passion for creating new technologies.

Hi! My name is Hunter. I'm really interested in and very good at science and technology. I am in the 6th grade. I like to create stuff using software and posting it on my YouTube channel called Omega365. I also like geology, physics, meteorology, and astronomy. I have an autistic mind which can help me clearly visualize things.

Hi, my name is Jenna and I'm in 7th Grade at St. Richard's Episcopal School!! I have a love for the STEM world and social media. I have a passion for music, photo editing and all things that have to do with good vibes!!! I'm so excited to have the opportunity to be an ambassador of SciTrends!!!! I can't wait to represent SciTrends in so many different ways

Hey so my name is Aaron and I am working with SciTrends! I love dogs, especially Westies (like the dog here). Science and math are a passionate part of me, and I look forward to doing something with them when I grow up. I also love basketball and video games. I hope you enjoy our SciTrends videos!


Hey, I’m Kaitlyn. I’m in journalism, theatre, student council, speech team, and robotics. This photo was taken when my team won the VEX Robotics Indianapolis City Championships last year. Building robots requires a ton of hard work and perseverance, but nothing is better than when you’re competing and representing your school. I plan to go to college and study psychology. I’m excited to be a SciTrends ambassador and spread my love of STEM.


Hi my name is Sydney,

I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana. I love STEM, I love science. Science tells a story about the past and we find discoveries through science. I want to share science with other people to tell them that it is fun. I love science because it's interesting to know about and it's fun to work with to find answers and solve mysteries.


Hi! I'm Isabella and I like STEM because I feel like it gives a way for not only adults but also kids to explore different branches of science and to learn more about our world and how to take care of it.    


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